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Conspiracy Theories: Collaborative Podcast


Please click HERE to view our Radio Show Podcast on Conspiracy Theories!

I had so much fun creating this podcast!  It was definitely difficult but in a different way than typical homework assignments.  It was worth the struggle, in more ways than one.

First, I loved the experience of collaborating with my classmates, John and Tim.  If I had tried to create the podcast by myself, it would not have been nearly as fun.  The experience of collaboratively writing a script and using pieces of each person’s input gave each of us better ideas.  It became a better piece because there were three minds working on it instead of one.  Making mistakes was also a lot more fun when I had others to laugh about it with.

Second, I have never made a radio show before, and I learned a lot about the process.  It was really difficult to each write a different section of the show while keeping elements consistent, such as the personalities of the narrators, the tone of the dialogue, target length, etc.  These are components of any radio show or podcast that I didn’t consider until I actually made one.

Third, I have a whole new appreciation for those who use audio and video editing software with proficiency.  This is the second project for which I have used Audacity, and I have certainly improved a lot.  However,  it still took hours to edit out all of our mistakes, input sound effects, music, and commercial breaks, and time everything correctly.  When using technology, there are always all sorts of complications, such as needing the LAME software in order to convert Audacity projects to MP3 files.  Trying to get music files to one another without actually driving to meet one another and without being able to convert to MP3 files forced us to find many ways around these limitations.

Finally, I was really proud of our final product.  We all worked so hard to make the radio show the best that it could be within the time frame.  I found myself working for hours to get the timing perfectly right on each section and element of the show.  I certainly cluttered up my computer with so many saved “in-progress” files.  It was all worth it when we shared in class and saw that our classmates enjoyed it as well.  Since we were actually going to be sharing 20-minutes worth of our work, we wanted to make sure it would be 20 minutes well spent.

I think the benefits of using technologies such as podcasts in the classroom are fairly obvious here.  Our group spent a lot of time (too much time in relation to the work we put off for other classes!) and effort on creating a product that we could be proud of.  Students, when given an assignment in which they are encouraged to use so much creativity and that will actually be showcased for others to view, will put a lot more effort into the project.  This added effort will also result in more learning because the skills that we utilized writing, performing, compiling, and editing this podcast are certainly applicable to other genres, disciplines, and the Common Core State Standards.


For more information and outtakes, view our “The making Of” Video.