The World at Your Fingertips–Literally



Have you ever wanted to tell someone, anyone, all of the great ideas that you have?  Or maybe, you are struggling with something–whether it is a tough concept you heard about or something occurring in your life right now–and you want to just shout your frustrations to the world?

I have been studying the uses and purposes of educational technology, but after reading a few of Will Richardson’s blogs, I have been thinking a lot about blogging in particular as a way for not only students, but educators and people in general to wrestle with their ideas and the ideas of others.

Even as a 21-year-old who has grown up using the internet, I still think it’s crazy that I am writing this post for an infinite audience; yes, probably the only people reading this at the moment are my classmates, but regardless, this post is open to the world.  I am writing to a much larger (possible) audience than ever before.  And that changes things.

I am much more aware that my writing needs to not only be “informative” and “correct” (as I am used to focusing on in school),  but it also needs to be engaging and clearly written to attract and sustain viewers.  I also feel more comfortable trying things out or writing about something that I am not sure about because of this different and wider audience.  Those reading the blog probably don’t know me (the blogger) on a personal level, so although they may make judgments, my everyday relationships are not directly affected.

The last component of a blog that I find really useful is its length and level of focus.  No essay is necessary here; just a few paragraphs are needed until you have worked through your ideas.  The topic is also focused; I don’t have to take on everything at once.

So for those of you who have all sorts of ideas but don’t have the time or confidence to express them elsewhere, I suggest writing a blog, or at least reading other blogs.  Typically, they are as they should be: short and sweet.

Since this is my very first blog, I am obviously not an expert, but if you are interested in starting a blog, these seem to be the best free blogging sites that I have come across so far:

Happy Blogging!


My Technology Usage (or Lack Thereof)


Prior to setting up all of my online accounts, I had an idea of the purpose and appearances of blogs and twitter, but I had never used them.  I had certainly never heard of Ning or Tweetdeck, and I had no idea how many things were possible on Google.  Diigo and all of its capabilities sort of blows my mind.  The application makes it so much easier to take notes on online sources without having to rewrite anything or print them out.  Not only am I learning how to navigate all of these accounts, but I also figured out how to create and upload my introduction video on my own.  I did not pay any attention to the fact that the video introduction was a clickable link and held instructions, so I looked up instructions and worked to figure it out on my own.  I am already learning!