The World at Your Fingertips–Literally



Have you ever wanted to tell someone, anyone, all of the great ideas that you have?  Or maybe, you are struggling with something–whether it is a tough concept you heard about or something occurring in your life right now–and you want to just shout your frustrations to the world?

I have been studying the uses and purposes of educational technology, but after reading a few of Will Richardson’s blogs, I have been thinking a lot about blogging in particular as a way for not only students, but educators and people in general to wrestle with their ideas and the ideas of others.

Even as a 21-year-old who has grown up using the internet, I still think it’s crazy that I am writing this post for an infinite audience; yes, probably the only people reading this at the moment are my classmates, but regardless, this post is open to the world.  I am writing to a much larger (possible) audience than ever before.  And that changes things.

I am much more aware that my writing needs to not only be “informative” and “correct” (as I am used to focusing on in school),  but it also needs to be engaging and clearly written to attract and sustain viewers.  I also feel more comfortable trying things out or writing about something that I am not sure about because of this different and wider audience.  Those reading the blog probably don’t know me (the blogger) on a personal level, so although they may make judgments, my everyday relationships are not directly affected.

The last component of a blog that I find really useful is its length and level of focus.  No essay is necessary here; just a few paragraphs are needed until you have worked through your ideas.  The topic is also focused; I don’t have to take on everything at once.

So for those of you who have all sorts of ideas but don’t have the time or confidence to express them elsewhere, I suggest writing a blog, or at least reading other blogs.  Typically, they are as they should be: short and sweet.

Since this is my very first blog, I am obviously not an expert, but if you are interested in starting a blog, these seem to be the best free blogging sites that I have come across so far:

Happy Blogging!


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  1. I agree with you. It is a little daunting to know how many people could possibly be looking at the things that you are saying. You certainly have a sense of audience when you are writing on a blog., even if that sense is not the who but the how many. That seems like one of the greatest strengths to using the blog for students, however; their writing is no longer just a conversation between the teacher and themselves, it is open to participation for the entire class and beyond. Hopefully, that will give them a greater sense of ownership over their words and will translate to more thoughtful posts.

    • Tim, that’s a great point. Students are always complaining (for good reason) that their work isn’t “real” or realistic. I would definitely support anything that caused them to become more invested and thoughtful about their writing!

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