My Technology Usage (or Lack Thereof)


Prior to setting up all of my online accounts, I had an idea of the purpose and appearances of blogs and twitter, but I had never used them.  I had certainly never heard of Ning or Tweetdeck, and I had no idea how many things were possible on Google.  Diigo and all of its capabilities sort of blows my mind.  The application makes it so much easier to take notes on online sources without having to rewrite anything or print them out.  Not only am I learning how to navigate all of these accounts, but I also figured out how to create and upload my introduction video on my own.  I did not pay any attention to the fact that the video introduction was a clickable link and held instructions, so I looked up instructions and worked to figure it out on my own.  I am already learning!


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  1. Kate, if my brother hadn’t been so obsessed with Google, I would have never known how many different things they had to offer. Mostly everything I know about technology came from people I know, and they bothered me until I learned about what they were talking about. I was also so excited about Diigo I told a family friend about it, who’s a teacher, and she found it mind blowing as well.

  2. Your blog looks so pretty! I’m glad you were about to figure out the themes and customize it 🙂 I think we’re all a little overwhelmed by this vast amount of technology at our fingertips, so no one is judging you! It seems like you’re already learning a lot, so kudos.

  3. I figured out how to start all the online accounts, but I got stuck on the video. I had to receive some tech assistance for that one, Also, I had no idea that a Google account would allow me to upload videos on Youtube without an account from the actual website.

  4. I can relate. I’ve had a blog before, but it was always more of a secondary project that I didn’t keep up on. I’m not really much of a technophile either, so now I have more accounts than I know what to do with!

  5. Nice job, Kate! Even though you claim to know little about technology, as others intimate in their comments here, you seem to be able to teach yourself, which is a critical disposition for 21st-century learning. Thanks for your can do attitude!

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